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    “Our vision is to create innovative online solutions that are smart and user friendly. Fantastic Food World is committed to always give people the very best online experience from start to end of their visit.”

    We specialise in the food, wine and restaurant industry to help these organisations improve their presence online. We have also helped other industries so please get in touch if you find our work interesting.

    Who We Are

    We are a team of creative individuals who has a great love for food, wine, digital marketing and everything social. We enjoy to inspire and motivate businesses by having an innovative and strategic look at how your business can develop further.



    Business Development Online

    Branding, Company Logo, Social Media, Website, Business Strategies


    Web Design

    Website Development or re-design, Website Analytics, Website Photo’s, Integrate your Website with Social Media Such as Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, Google+, Foodlips



    Online Strategies

    Setting a strategy for your business that will help you grow online

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    Marketing Blog


    Marketing Strategies

    Marketing Strategies news and articles


    Digital Marketing

    News and updates about everything within digital marketing with a deep dive into the subject SEO.


    Social Media Marketing

    News about what’s happening in the Social Media World

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